Future masterclasses

St Edmund and the Wolf Postponed

Learn tales about the King Edmund of East Anglia, Danish invaders and a devoted wolf guarding the king's head. During this workshop you will work in small groups to create a rich mosaic of ideas...

Bury St Edmunds , East Anglia. NCYG 1, 2.

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Calling Super Sleuths in the Quest for the Missing Diamond Postponed

Where do diamonds come from and why are they so precious? How much could people pay for a very rare diamond? The most expensive jewel has just been stolen from the King of Morocco. He...

Bury St Edmunds , East Anglia. NCYG 3, 4.

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Cunning Men, Wise Women Postponed

This Masterclass is an introduction to the history and possible future of medicine and everything else in the entire universe. You will have the opportunity to change the past, adjust the present and invent the...

Bury St Edmunds , East Anglia. NCYG 4, 5, 6, 7.

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