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The endless worker in the deep dark mouth


Once many millions of years ago lived a great creature with a mouth as wide as infinity. No one knew what happened in the mouth, but strange grumbles and explosions sprung out of it. Some say there was someone or something with a genius brain in there endlessly working. One day the creature stretched its mouth as wide as it could, yawned and wailed and bang - the most beautiful and wondrous things came out of its dark, deep mouth. They moved and flew. Some had wings, some had legs, some branches and stalks, some had shells.

All had one thing in common, they breathed and sang. They grew and formed incredible shapes and they were perfect. To this day no one knows the secret, but science and maths begins to reveal incredible things. Come along and explore the secret of these incredible things. Once you share the genius of the endless hard worker from the deep dark mouth you could design incredible things.

Location: London

Ages: 8-11

Cost: £45.00 per session

Masterclass tutor: Tracey Martin

Bio: I’m originally from Sheffield, but I’ve lived in London since 2007. I graduated in psychology in 2000 with a fascination about learning, creativity and our brains. I continued my passion and became a primary teacher 18 years ago. Since then, I have been teaching children around the world in New Zealand, Eastern Europe and India. As a masterclass leader since 2008 I have enjoyed introducing children to my key areas of expertise, creativity and memory. I focus on teaching children how to enjoy and retain their learning through the wonder of imagination, confidence and many more techniques, some from as long ago as Ancient Greece. I enjoy writing children’s stories, exploring forests and museums.

Venue: Coram Campus

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, London, Greater London, WC1N 1AZ

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