About Tomorrow’s Achievers

Tomorrow’s Achievers provides specialist day and residential masterclasses for gifted children in many parts of the country.

The courses cover a wealth of different topics - science, technology, maths, philosophy, literature and the arts - in ways which involve and challenge the most able students.

The Tomorrow’s Achievers scheme was launched in 1998. From tiny beginnings we have expanded into many new areas of the country.

Our Trustees recently decided to establish the charity in its own right as Tomorrow’s Achievers Educational Trust.

Change of address

Tomorrow's Achievers have moved to:

12 Hyde Park Place,
W2 2LH

Equality and Diversity Policy

We are committed to achieving genuine equality of opportunity in all aspects of our activities. This applies to all administrators, job applicants, masterclass leaders and service users. It means, in particular, that we will not discriminate against any person and that he or she will be judged purely on his or her own merits and abilities.

By way of example, we will not discriminate either directly or indirectly on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, colour, nationality, cultural origin, religion, disability, caring responsibility, class, education, employment status or political belief (as indicated, this is not an exhaustive list).

Our policy aims to ensure that no administrator, job applicant, masterclass leader or service user (a) receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of disability, sex or membership of any minority group or any other grounds of which examples are given above or (b) Is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

The trustees will be responsible for implementing the equal opportunities policy. This may be delegated to a sub group or co-ordinator, who will report to the group or committee.


Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy

We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of every child and young person while he or she is in our care. It is our responsibility to ensure that no child or young person is exposed to abuse of any kind, whether physical, sexual or emotional, while he or she is with us, and we take all steps within our power to minimise the risk of such abuse occurring.

To this end, we ensure that all masterclass leaders have been checked through the Criminal Records Bureau/Disclosure and Barring Service. We would never knowingly appoint to any position any person who has been convicted of or cautioned by the police for any offence against children or young people or who is subject to a prohibition on working with children and young people.

All those who work or volunteer with us will be made aware of our policy and of what to do if they have any concerns. Guidance is available for those responding to concerns so that the concerns are properly dealt with, including sharing information with agencies that need to know and are able to involve children, young people and families appropriately.

All persons working for or with us are advised that they should avoid being alone in a building, car or a closed room with a child or young person and that should such a situation arise they should ensure that other adults are aware of the situation and that it takes place in the clear view of others save in an emergency where this is not practicable, e.g., when a parent arrives late to collect a child or when there is a medical emergency.

In order to protect the health and physical safety of children and young people attending a masterclass, all parents are sent a questionnaire in advance of the masterclass seeking information as to whether the child or young person has any health issues of which we should be aware and whether there are any dietary issues about which we should know. We also require the parent's contact details throughout the day and the name of the person who will be fetching the child from the masterclass. If someone other than a parent will be doing so, then we request that person's telephone/mobile number. No child or young person is allowed to leave on his or her own, unless the parent has notified us in writing on the form that this has the parent’s agreement. Copies of the questionnaire are given both to the masterclass leader and the venue where the masterclass takes place.