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The Great Planet Gatherings (a series of 3 quests) - 1st Session


1st Session

Over centuries there have been many colossal thinkers: Turing, DaVinci and Einstein. They solved seemingly impossible problems and shook the world, but how? Whatever their secret, we need it now to save the planet. Let's imagine, we could turn the clock back and invite DaVinci, Einstein and Alan Turing to a completely different type of COP. A series of meetings where we mix their thinking with the greatest source of intelligence ever known. Just imagine! Surely they would come. We would call it The Great Planet Gatherings.
We would tell them:

• This will be their biggest ever challenge. They must share their knowledge and set us off on a quest to save the planet.
• That we want to look at things like they did: upside down, inside out and under our noses
• What if we told them that only children would be attending. Then they would sit up and listen, for they would know that this gathering might succeed in saving the planet.
• Finally, that we will bring hope and resilience.

We would invite them to three great gatherings, one dedicated to each great thinker and one of three major challenges facing the planet.

You are invited to this unique series of 3 gatherings. Be prepared to be surprised and change your thinking. Remember to bring your biggest thinking and your nose so you can look under it.

Location: London

Ages: 8-11

Cost: £45.00 per session

Masterclass tutor: Tracey Martin

Bio: I’m originally from Sheffield, but I’ve lived in London since 2007. I graduated in psychology in 2000 with a fascination about learning, creativity and our brains. I continued my passion and became a primary teacher 18 years ago. Since then, I have been teaching children around the world in New Zealand, Eastern Europe and India. As a masterclass leader since 2008 I have enjoyed introducing children to my key areas of expertise, creativity and memory. I focus on teaching children how to enjoy and retain their learning through the wonder of imagination, confidence and many more techniques, some from as long ago as Ancient Greece. I enjoy writing children’s stories, exploring forests and museums.

Venue: Coram Campus

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, London, Greater London, WC1N 1AZ

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