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A very warm welcome to Marcelo\'s Masterclasses.

Following the success of his previous Masterclasses, Marcelo has designed three sessions that immerse the children in really exciting creative thinking and practical activities in Maths, Philosophy and Science. The sessions will link with each other to ensure that, by the end, every child develops a really deep and lifelong love of learning and of thinking.

Marcelo would also like to celebrate the recent publication of his book \'The Joy of Not Knowing\' and its nomination as best education book for 2021 by offering all children who register for these sessions a signed and dedicated copy of the book to keep and enjoy for ever and ever!

Here Comes Philosophy Man! Using Philosophy to Inspire a love of Thinking, Learning, Enquiring and Existing...if we exist at all that is!

WARNING! This course will prove that the person starting the course is a completely different person to the person at the end of the day!

Would you like to spend a day enjoying learning to think like a philosopher and learning to discuss amazing concepts and seeing the same concept from lots of different points of view, learning to agree, disagree, respond, question, listen and change your mind several times!

The day is filled with activities that will develop your skills as a creative thinker and as a public speaker and show you how to present your ideas to others in a way that fascinates and engages your audience. The actual word \'Philosophy\' means \'a love of wisdom\' and this is what we will ensure that you leave with plenty of, at the end of the day!

There is nothing more wonderful than discussing things philosophically- it is unique and fun as you can never be wrong! In fact, in Philosophy and in this course, no one knows the answers, especially me!

I can guarantee that after this course you will want to persuade your school\'s Headteacher that philosophy should be included as part of you do at school and an essential subject of your weekly timetable!!!

We will use the book \'Philosophy Files\' to read fascinating stories and discuss things like:

Can you jump into the same river twice?
Is it ever right to do something wrong?
Does knowing mean we are not learning?
Is it possible to see things that don\'t exist?

Location: London

Ages: 8-11

Cost: £45.00 per session

Masterclass tutor: Marcelo Staricoff

Bio: Marcelo started his career as a research scientist and then retrained as a teacher. As a primary teacher and Headteacher, Marcelo specialised in developing a philosophy of education that equips children with a lifelong love of learning and with the tools that develop children’s philosophical, creative and critical thinking skills. Marcelo is the author of the books ‘The Joy of Not Knowing’ and ‘Start Thinking’ and is currently working as a lecturer at the University of Sussex and as a consultant with UNICEF and with lots of schools nationally and internationally.

Venue: Coram Campus

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, London, Greater London, WC1N 1AZ

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