What children say...

Here are some typical comments sent in by children about the masterclasses.

  • I enjoyed it so much, I wish could do it again. It was epic, I wish school was like that every day.
    Albert, aged 8

  • If I could, I would go every day!
    Daniel, aged 11

  • I'd pay £75 for that day!
    Rohit, aged 10

  • The one thing the masterclass did for me was it made me realise that I’m not a freak. I actually made friends with loads of people and realised there are places where I fit in. I learnt that it is okay to want to learn about things; and it is okay to want a challenge and it’s okay to be me.
    Catherine, aged 16

  • The course inspired me to learn more about paradoxes in general and maths to A level in particular. I enjoyed the experience of working with people of my ability and learned skills in working with others, which will be useful to me in the future.
    Henry, aged 14

  • Fun and I got a lot from learning about space and other life forms. But most importantly, it was nice to be with other kids like me and the cool thing is you are allowed to say what you want and no-one laughs at you.
    Alex, aged 10

  • I feel the courses will always stay with me through my life. A philosophy course led me to take philosophy at college and eventually put me on track to apply to study philosophy at Cambridge.
    Nicholas, aged 17

  • I really enjoyed the masterclass, it was brilliant. It has inspired me to learn more about our changing weather conditions and take more of an interest in science and the world around us.
    Mohammed, aged 10

  • We did lots of things which I enjoy such as drama and poetry and I shall be working very hard in the hope I can go there again one day.
    George, aged 12