Sponsor a masterclass!

Thursday, 17th May, 2012

Tomorrow’s Achievers is besieged with requests to provide many more masterclasses than we can currently afford to fund, both in our existing areas and in new parts of the country where we hope to develop. In particular, we are looking at: London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Kent and Newcastle but should be delighted to consider other areas that you might be interested in sponsoring.

We believe that sponsors should also benefit from their generosity by publicly enjoying the goodwill of helping their community. If you would rather not be named, please let us know. Otherwise, any masterclass you sponsor would be fully accredited on our literature.

What your support could achieve:

£10,000 would enable us to expand into a new area of the country offering 240 children a chance to go to one masterclass per term.

£7500 would pay for a whole year’s programme of masterclasses for 240 children in an existing area.

£1000 would pay for three masterclasses for 36 children.

£375 would pay for one masterclass for 12 children

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