News from our first masterclass to take place on an archaeological dig

Tuesday, 24th September, 2019

Two boys digging on an archaeological dig

Our trainee archaeologists in action

Two girls digging on our archaeological dig

More action from the day

Eleven children aged between 6 and 13 came to Clare Castle Country Park in Clare, Sudbury on Sunday 15 September to get involved with our first masterclass to take place on an archaeological dig.

It was run by one of Tomorrow’s Achievers lecturers, Stephanie Hartick who worked alongside archaeologist Joanna Caruth.

A parent commented: "My son liked digging the best, but it was an eye-opener as to how archaeology is done, and recorded.”

A 6-year old participant reflected: “I learnt about the people and life that was here a long, long time ago.”

“What I enjoyed the most was getting in the trench and digging and finding bones! Painting the things we found, learning about the castle and who might have lived where we were digging as well as helping the grown up archaeologists.”

A mum added: “I was a little anxious that my two might be a bit lost among the older kids but I couldn't have been more wrong! They integrated really well, came home dirty but enthused and excited about their day and the things they had seen and learnt.  I highly recommend this masterclass!”

We are running the rest of our Autumn masterclass programme at St Mary’s Primary School, Mildenhall on 16th November and 8th December with a choice of exciting topics for children in Year Groups 1 to 7. 

Tomorrow’s Achievers offers a bursary scheme so that every child has the chance to attend. 

Contact Patricia on or call 020 3865 7170 for more information.

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