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Space and Science through Stories and Creative Writing - 2nd Session


2nd Session

Space and Science through Stories and Creative Writing is a series of thee exciting workshops; Science, Stories and Creative Writing, where children will get a chance to share what they know about Space and explore factual and fictional stories, such as the well-known 'Little Prince' and a less known 'Cheesminer on the Moon', the author of which they will meet in one of our Zoom with Expert sessions. They will then use their creative skills to write a sequel or their own factual and fictional story and, if they wish, share it with the other workshop participants.

Location: London

Ages: 8-11

Cost: £45.00 per session

Masterclass tutor: Agnieszka Hercog

Bio: I have worked for over 20 years as both primary and secondary teacher in a variety of public and private schools and have been a Tomorrow’s Achievers’ tutor for over 10 years. Whilst acquiring experience in teaching humanities and languages at all Key Stages, including Early Years and Sixth Form, providing for More Gifted students, as well as interpreting for the Local Government I have developed a warm and caring approach towards my students. My biggest assets are my subject knowledge, commitment, initiative, organisational and professional skills, as well as my enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Our school is the first to have successfully entered our students for the internationally recognised examination called DELF Prim. I am currently working as a part-time language, humanities teacher and a boarding academic tutor at St Francis’ College in Letchworth Garden City / UK. I have a six-year-old son who asks a lot of questions. It's never too boring.

Venue: Coram Campus

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, London, Greater London, WC1N 1AZ

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