Why masterclasses for gifted children?

A group of children conversing in a classroom setting

By rights, gifted children should be among the outstanding entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists and artistic performers of the 21st century.

Tragically many are at risk of falling by the wayside, becoming society’s misfits or, through lack of fulfilling outlet, turning their talents to crime. The damage often starts at school when gifted children are not recognised and their needs are not met.

Exceptional ability is not always obvious. Far from being star pupils, many are written off as stupid. Some gifted children are dyslexic. Others, bored and frustrated, appear lazy or make a nuisance of themselves. Many are loners and may be bullied or ostracised by classmates. Others deliberately underachieve in order not to be different.

Many suffer the added disadvantage of living in socially depressed areas where the street-cred is drink, drugs and sex. Numerous studies show that gifted children are as likely to come from the poorest families as from prosperous homes – but are even more likely to go unrecognised, be starved of meaningful activity and become demotivated.

Once disaffection sets in, enthusiasm for learning is lost. Unless gifted children get the essential extra stimulation they need to stretch and develop their abilities, they may switch off and grow up lacking the skills and self-assurance to fulfil their potential in later life.

Tomorrow’s Achievers Masterclasses have been described by many parents and professional experts as a life-changing experience for gifted children.

What are the benefits?

Tomorrow’s Achievers exists to give gifted children the boost many of them need to enjoy making the most of their ability, rather than seek to hide it or allow it to make their lives a misery.

Research shows that the gains are immense.

Children benefit intellectually from exposure to new and challenging projects. They meet kindred spirits and make friends. They can be themselves without feeling cleverness is a curse. Their self-esteem is boosted and their zest for learning is rekindled as they rediscover the excitement and purpose of wanting to achieve.