What parents say...

About Tomorrow’s Achiever’s masterclasses.

  • The masterclass leader was incredible. Our son had been having concentration issues at school but came away from the course inspired and stretched and we have seen a big change.
    Mrs R

  • “Isobel really enjoyed the experience and came home bursting to tell us all she did on the masterclass. These courses are a wonderful experience for children. Thank you for giving her the opportunity.”
    Mrs T

  • 'He was s full of enthusiasm .... great time he had.'
    Mrs D

  • I am so excited by Tomorrow's Achievers. I just wish my son could drop a day of school each week and do one of your workshops instead.
    Ms S

  • Very organised and well run. The set-up and staff inspire confidence in parents and pupils. This is a great opportunity for children to meet like-minded others who, together, will investigate subjects they love in a challenging and fun way. It is fantastic!
    Dr. B

  • "My daughter came out of the masterclass with her mind on fire and was buzzing with energy for hours. I am so grateful the classes exist as this is a complete contrast to how she experiences school, where she is often lonely and bored." Mum of 6 yr old.
    Ms B

  • Amazing! I love the fact that Brad at 13 years old, wants to go to these classes, unlike the ones at school. He really takes to the the way they are taught and that means that he learns, which is a massive plus. I just wish all teachers could teach classes like these.
    Miss S

  • My daughter loved everything about the masterclass: the individual attention, teacher amazing, new friends. We are so pleased to have found Tomorrow’s Achievers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Mrs G.

  • My son came home buzzing with excitement from such a great day.
    Mrs K

  • Our son had a fantastic, inspiring and educational day which he thoroughly enjoyed.
    Mrs L