What parents say...

About Tomorrow’s Achiever’s masterclasses.

  • Tracey was kind and caring and gave clear instructions about what to do. A thoroughly great experience by all accounts. L had to be dragged from the class and though tired was energised and enthused on the journey home. From the little I observed Tracey established a great rapport with children and parents alike. Highly recommended!
    L's mum on Wonderland masterclass, 27th Nov 2016

  • My daughter came back and got us all debating interesting topics - it had really inspired her!
    Alice's mum on Philosophy, 7th Feb 2016

  • My child found the class interesting and fun. She was happy to stay for the whole day on a Sunday (her own choice). This clearly shows that the class was worthwhile. I know if my child was bored she would seize the opportunity to go home and play/watch TV etc. I am happy to allow her to attend another class and would recommend to others. The fact that the class was held in school is helpful too, for safety reasons.
    Zaara's mum a on Ten Fingers or Two: How Computers Count, 7th Feb 2016

  • I had a happy and fulfilled child buzzing with the joy of it all for hours afterwards, getting him to calm and settle to sleep was tricky as all he wanted to do was talk maths! That says enough really - well done!
    Why does E=MC2 and other Important Equations, 22nd Nov 2015

  • Just wanted to say a massive 'Thank You' for letting my daughter attend the Hunter Games class. She had a fantastic time and can't wait until the next!!! I can't praise the tutor highly enough. She was wonderful. Jane
    Hunter Games, 5th July 2015

  • As parents unsure of what to expect, we were impressed by the content of yesterday's class and the fun way in which ideas were presented to the kids. We also really liked masterclass leader, and felt comfortable leaving our son for the first time with someone other than a family member/school.
    Mrs J W

  • 'Fantastic! She is buzzing after each masterclass and wishes she could go every day instead of school. These classes are perfect so please don't change anything.'
    Mrs M

  • 'Anything that can fire a child's thirst for learning is a great idea.'
    Elizabeth's mum

  • Thank you so much for such a fantastic class on Saturday! Daisy wanted to come back on Monday! She was so happy and I have never seen her so engaged - finally I have found a class for her that stimulates her!
    Mrs C

  • Our son was OVER THE MOON with the class - he normally hates going to school and never seems excited, so to see him so happy and to tell us that is was awesome really files our hearts with joy. I think what you're doing is just amazing and wish school could be more like the classes you put on at Tomorrow's Achievers! Thank you
    Mrs B