What children say...

Here are some typical comments sent in by children about the masterclasses.

  • It was interesting, fun, I liked the teacher and it inspired me to want to learn more.
    Alesia V, aged 11

  • What I most enjoyed was the teamwork and the general structure of the course. It was educational and interesting but also informal which made it much more enjoyable. Thank you for an amazing day!
    Georgia, aged 15

  • The teacher made it really fun and interesting. I have problems concentrating in school but the way the teacher ran the class made it more fun and practical, so I was able to learn more.
    Brad, aged 11

  • The course helped me to understand that maths can be interesting.
    Alison, aged 7

  • The day inspired me to want to do graphics GCSE more than ever.
    Glynn, aged 14

  • I never thought science was fun before
    Sandra, aged 7

  • It was really good. I wish I could go every Saturday
    John, aged 9

  • What I enjoyed most was being with other children who reallly want to learn.
    Jamie, aged 6

  • I had gone off science but it (the masterclass) made me interested in it again.
    Edward, aged 8

  • The class confirmed my idea of becoming a science teacher.
    Alistair, aged 11