What children say...

Here are some typical comments sent in by children about the masterclasses.

The teacher made it really fun and interesting. I have problems concentrating in school but the way the teacher ran the class made it more fun and practical, so I was able to learn more.
Brad, aged 11

The course helped me to understand that maths can be interesting.
Alison, aged 7

The day inspired me to want to do graphics GCSE more than ever.
Glynn, aged 14

I never thought science was fun before
Sandra, aged 7

It was really good. I wish I could go every Saturday
John, aged 9

What I enjoyed most was being with other children who reallly want to learn.
Jamie, aged 6

I had gone off science but it (the masterclass) made me interested in it again.
Edward, aged 8

The class confirmed my idea of becoming a science teacher.
Alistair, aged 11

I enjoyed it so much, I wish could do it again. It was epic, I wish school was like that every day.
Albert, aged 8

If I could, I would go every day!
Daniel, aged 11