Parents' Net

A new free service for families with gifted children

Sharing ideas or problems with another person who is facing the same challenges can often be very helpful.

Many parents tell us how good it is to speak to someone else who knows the mixed delights of having a gifted child and how reassuring it is to realise that they are not alone in sometimes wondering how best to cope.

Do you ever wish you could talk to another parent to find out how they manage? If so, we hope you will welcome our new Parents' Net.

There are two options. Choose one or both...

Contact with other parents

If you would simply like to make contact with another parent, please give us your details so we can put you in touch with each other.

Registration is absolutely free. We only pass on parents' contact details to other parents who have contacted us via Parents' Net.

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Letters Page

Send us a good idea, a happy experience that has been helpful to your child, a problem with which you would welcome advice or a general comment for wider discussion.

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