The Museum of Numbers

This course has been postponed. New date to be confirmed.


This Masterclass is a chance to think about numbers; to collect numbers, talk about numbers and think about what numbers can mean to us. The focus of the class will be creating your very own Museum of Numbers to help people who get wobbly when numbers are talked about.

Location: Bury St Edmunds , East Anglia

Masterclass year groups: 4, 5, 6, 7

Cost: £25.00

Masterclass leader: John Senior

Bio: John is a highly experienced and creative freelance education consultant, lecturer and writer. He has worked with able, gifted and talented children for over 3 decades as well as their teachers, carers and parents, Advisor for several London Boroughs as an Advisor as well as previously a Director of GIFT Ltd, Otherwise Ltd and the National Youth Director for the National Association for Gifted Children. He loves learning and working as a co-operative learner with anything that breathes. As an academic writer, leader, advisor and consultant he explores creativity and innovative learning. He has written extensively for both academic and popular readerships specialising in providing enrichment activities that stimulate independent thinking. He is currently a Contributing Editor and Senior Reviewer for Gifted Education International, a SAGE Journal and joint editor and contributor of the Handbook of Gifted Education (SAGE to be published 2018).

Venue: St Mary's Cof E Primary Academy

Address: Trinity Avenue, Mildenhall, Bury St Edmunds , Suffolk, IP28 7LR

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