Invent a new Planet with Aliens


How many stars do you think there are in the Universe? Each of them can create conditions for life on a planet. Are aliens real? How do you imagine an alien to be?

Learn more about the Solar System and use an imaginative method to learn the order of the planets orbiting around the Sun. Use your creative and artistic skills and invent your own planet and its inhabitants. What would they look like? How would they communicate? Would they be more intelligent than humans? Visit each other's planets and present your own to the rest of the group.

Start date: 10:30am, 29th Feb, 2020

End date: 2:30pm, 29th Feb, 2020

Location: Bury St Edmunds , East Anglia

Masterclass year groups: 1, 2, 3

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Agnieszka Hercog

Bio: A language specialist with experience in teaching at primary and secondary level. In addition is currently teaching RS to Year 5.

Venue: St Mary's Cof E Primary Academy

Address: Trinity Avenue, Mildenhall, Bury St Edmunds , Suffolk, IP28 7LR

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