English in 3D


For thousands of years people have been using images to communicate. From cave paintings to hieroglyphics and even emojis, we use pictures to tell stories and show how we feel.

Today You will be exploring how we use language to describe ourselves and our lives. You will learn about visual communication and have a go at cracking picture codes - and devising your own. The day will end off with taking adjectives to the next dimension by creating sculptural 3D words!

Start date: 10:00am, 21st Mar, 2020

End date: 2:00pm, 21st Mar, 2020

Location: Wallasey, Cheshire

Masterclass year groups: 1, 2

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Daisy Fox

Bio: Daisy is a children's author and illustrator who been working with gifted and talented children since 2007.  With a degree in stop motion animation, Daisy began her career as a model maker for film and TV, on productions such as Pingu, Rex the Runt (Aardman Animations) and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Warner Bros). She had her first children's book published in 2010. As Liverpool Waterstones' resident children's author, Daisy devised and delivered a number of craft-based workshops and continues to work with children of all ages and abilities across many different settings including libraries, festivals, bookshops, schools and children's centres. Daisy is a qualified journalist and works in print media at a national level as a sub-editor and writer. 

Venue: New Brighton Primary School

Address: Vaughan Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, CH45 1LH

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