(Literacy, geography, creative thinking and maths)

A story of long, lost beasts and towers in the clouds
Now lost, destroyed and shrouded in mist
Silent birds, frozen lakes and light swallowed in shadows
Can you save Wonderland?
A map of clues. A mystery
Choose your mascot before your journey
For you will face mighty challenges
Only you can write this story
A roll of a dice; it's all in a number.
Think smart and tread carefully

This masterclass will stretch your thinking skills and inspire your creativity. Write a story without paper and your own Wonderland world will emerge as you use your reasoning skills to solve problems. And just for added wonder, there's a sprinkling of mathematical challenges along the way. Wonderland is meant to bring added wonder to English and maths. Beware though, once you find this wonder, it can lead to you enjoying these subjects even more. And as for thinking skills, well they're rather like elastic bands. When you know how to use super thinking you can stretch your brain to all parts of your learning.

Start date: 10:00am, 21st Mar, 2020

End date: 3:00pm, 21st Mar, 2020

Location: Bloomsbury, South East / London

Masterclass year groups: 1, 2, 3

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Tracey Martin

Bio: Tracey is a very popular masterclass leader. Tracey's psychology background has inspired her interest in accelerated learning, creative and higher order thinking. She teaches in London and has led masterclasses for gifted students in Maths, Science and Creative Writing all over England.

Venue: Coram

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, Matthew.boe@coram.org.uk, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AZ

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