Far Away in a Distant Galaxy - Star Wars is Back!


Gaze up to the galaxies of stars speeding away from Earth, getting smaller and smaller. Look closely, do you see anything strange? A far off galaxy. Its stars grow bigger and brighter. Its dark side, deeper and blacker. You have little time. You must discover its inhabitants and their intention. Can you intercept and find hope on the dark side? You must think in numbers and secret messages. You must understand. Use the force and the speed of light or you will not find hope.

(Aims of class & links to curriculum: Students will discover intriguing links between maths and the science of space in a purposeful and motivating context. They will think logically, laterally and systematically to solve problems involved in their space journey. Coordinates; the power of number, graphs; force and speed of light and the dark side of black holes....... but not as you know it.)

Start date: 10:00am, 28th Sep, 2019

End date: 2:30pm, 28th Sep, 2019

Location: Bloomsbury, South East / London

Masterclass year groups: 1, 2, 3

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Tracey Martin

Bio: Tracey is a very popular masterclass leader. Tracey's psychology background has inspired her interest in accelerated learning, creative and higher order thinking. She teaches in London and has led masterclasses for gifted students in Maths, Science and Creative Writing all over England.

Venue: Coram

Address: 41 Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AZ

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