Dare You Speak? A Daring Dramatic Day

This course has already run but we occasionally offer similar classes if there is enough demand. Send your name and details to Patricia Morse and we will notify you about similar courses in your area.


People say public speaking is the scariest thing you can do. We think that's baloney! This course will teach you how to speak to any audience of any size with confidence. We develop this confidence, and the skills to put it into action, through a mixture of games, improvisation, immersion exercises, and critical group feedback. You'll play drama games with the group, learn what makes a good speaker, and help each other learn and grow towards presenting the best versions of yourselves.

This course boosts confidence, not only in public speaking, but in all forms of presentation, and helps people become more comfortable with themselves in any social situation.

Please bring:
Whatever clothes you want!
Some water
All your embarrassment
All the mistakes you've ever made

And - a pen. See you there!

Start date: 11:30am, 16th Mar, 2019

End date: 3:30pm, 16th Mar, 2019

Location: London, South West

Masterclass year groups: 5, 6, 7

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Joe Caplin

Bio: Joe has worked as an executive coach for two years, and spent five years before that working on performance and confidence skills across all age groups, from Ghana to Taiwan to France to Norwich. He focuses on creativity through play, and calmness through immersion.

Venue: West London Free School Primary

Address: Cambridge Grove , Hammersmith, London, London, W6 0LB

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