How to Solve Any Problem


This exciting masterclass coming from the new partnership between Tomorrow's Achievers and Rubik is all about talking to yourself (well some of the masterclass is about talking to yourself!). Most of today is about involving your mind, both unconsciously and consciously, in solving some very tricky problems, using Rubik's Cube as an example. You will explore the science of problem solving and the involvement of artists in problem solving, mathematics, science and creative thinking. We will be thinking about big problems, little problems, funny problems and sometimes very urgent problems that need solving NOW! What problem do you think needs solving now? Talk to yourself and think about this question and when we meet for the Masterclass we can all listen to each other's ideas and solve every single problem there is, including the Rubik's Cube.

Start date: 10:30am, 7th Jul, 2018

End date: 3:30pm, 7th Jul, 2018

Location: Black Country

Masterclass year groups: 5, 6, 7

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: Sarah Philo

Bio: Sarah is a very experienced masterclass leader. Sarah's psychology and mental health background underpin her teaching practice, and her understanding of the needs of, and the challenges faced by, the gifted and talented learner. She has led masterclasses in a range of subjects including creative writing and literature, creative thinking, and drama, throughout the UK and internationally.

Venue: Hargate Primary School

Address: Hargate Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 1PG

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