Cunning Men, Wise Women

This course is full but sometimes we do have people that drop out or we run a second course if there is enough demand. It is definitely worth putting your name on the wait list as we offer places to wait listed children very often. Send your name and details to Patricia Morse and we will add your name to the waiting list.


This is an introduction to the history and possible future of medicine and everything else in the entire universe. You will have the opportunity to change the past, adjust the present and invent the future. If you have ever wondered why we seek to alleviate illness, or how we could do it better, this is the day for you.

Start date: 10:00am, 9th Jun, 2018

End date: 3:00pm, 9th Jun, 2018

Location: Bradford, North West

Masterclass year groups: 2, 3, 4

Cost: £45.00

Masterclass leader: John Senior

Bio: John is a highly experienced and creative freelance education consultant, lecturer and writer. He has worked with able, gifted and talented children for over 3 decades as well as their teachers, carers and parents, Advisor for several London Boroughs as an Advisor as well as previously a Director of GIFT Ltd, Otherwise Ltd and the National Youth Director for the National Association for Gifted Children. He loves learning and working as a co-operative learner with anything that breathes. As an academic writer, leader, advisor and consultant he explores creativity and innovative learning. He has written extensively for both academic and popular readerships specialising in providing enrichment activities that stimulate independent thinking. He is currently a Contributing Editor and Senior Reviewer for Gifted Education International, a SAGE Journal and joint editor and contributor of the Handbook of Gifted Education (SAGE to be published 2018).

Venue: Bradford Grammar School

Address: Keighley Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 4JP

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