Help a gifted child, make a donation

A group of children conversing in a classroom setting

Tomorrow's Achievers, which is part of the Coram group of children’s charities, particularly encourages gifted children from low income families and has a grant-giving scheme to enable those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come, to attend specialist day and residential masterclasses free of charge.

Tomorrow's Achievers masterclasses are widely acclaimed as outstanding, with many teachers and parents describing them as a life-changing experience. Far from being future high-fliers, many gifted children risk becoming drop-outs through boredom at school, deliberately under-achieve in order not to be different or feel themselves to be freaks as a result of being ostracised by classmates. The benefits of masterclasses are immense. They expose children to challenging projects that stretch their abilities and rekindle their zest for learning. Their self esteem is enhanced. They meet other children like themselves, who share their interests and with whom they can make friends. More provision is urgently needed to give gifted children – and especially those from low income families – the boost many of them need to achieve their potential.

Our resources are not sufficient to help every gifted child in need. Will you help?

Make a donation

Even a small donation could change a child's life and help it achieve its potential as one of tomorrow's outstanding entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists or artistic performers.

Just £38 would enable a gifted child from a low income family to attend a masterclass. £164 would pay for a place at a residential weekend. Please give as generously as you can.

As a brilliant extra: donate while shopping on-line, without costing you a penny. Many shops give up to 15 per cent of every purchase you make to your chosen charity. The scheme is called Easyfundraising. Visit

Sponsor a masterclass

Tomorrow's Achievers is besieged with requests to provide many more masterclasses than we can currently afford to fund, both in our existing areas and in new parts of the country where we hope to develop. In particular, we are looking at: London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Kent and Newcastle but should be delighted to consider other areas that you might be interested in sponsoring.

We believe that sponsors should also benefit from their generosity by publicly enjoying the goodwill of helping their community. If you would rather not be named, please let us know. Otherwise, any masterclass you sponsor would be fully accredited on our literature.

What your support could achieve:

  • £38 would enable a gifted child from a low income family to attend a masterclass
  • £164 would pay for a place at a residential weekend
  • £500 would fund a free masterclass for 13 children
  • £1,000 would pay for 3 masterclasses for 36 children
  • £2,500 would pay for a year's programme of masterclasses for 90 children in an existing area
  • £5,000 would enable us to expand into a new area, offering 100 children a chance to attend a masterclass per term