How to recognise a gifted child

A group of children conversing in a classroom setting

While most children enjoy days that offer lots of novelty and fun, the fast pace and advanced level of content of a masterclass are specifically designed for exceptionally able students.

Clues to recognising exceptional ability

Gifted children may display some of the following characteristics.   However, clues are not evidence so should only be taken as general guidance.

  • Intense curiosity
  • Prolonged attention span
  • Tendency to become deeply immersed in particular topics
  • Originality
  • Problem-solving ability – enjoys puzzles and strategy games
  • Bored by unchallenging work and may not bother to try
  • Interrupts lessons or otherwise makes a nuisance of themselves in class
  • Feels different from other children and may have few friends
  • Low self esteem – sees cleverness as a curse
  • May deliberately underachieve in order not to appear different from classmates