Feedback, page 3

Here are some typical comments sent in about our masterclasses.

  • I had gone off science but it (the masterclass) made me interested in it again.
    Edward, aged 8

  • I never thought science was fun before
    Sandra, aged 7

  • It was really good. I wish I could go every Saturday
    John, aged 9

  • The children did a presentation to the class and have asked to do another tomorrow. You will have no trouble filling these courses in future just from my school.
    Paul Hewitt-Clarkson, Ryders Green School, Sandwell

  • I took 6 children to the Science of winning masterclass at Madeley Academy - the children had a brilliant day and they all got a lot out of the sessions. The children were totally engaged when I arrived back towards the end of the day. They were involved with the tasks and were determined to succeed. They had obviously learned a lot about team work. I would certainly enrol children in a masterclass again. I feel it really stretches our more able children's thinking and abilities.
    Nicky Brown, Grange Park Primary School, Telford

  • I'd pay £75 for that day!
    Rohit, aged 10

  • If I could, I would go every day!
    Daniel, aged 11

  • This workshop was such a resonant and wonderful opportunity for my daughter - who is so looking forward to seeing the silhouette animation film she helped create at the workshop on You Tube soon.
    Mrs D

  • He was a different child after a day spent learning at a challenging level and it made me realise how little he has that kind of reaction to his school classes.
    Ms W

  • I enjoyed it so much, I wish could do it again. It was epic, I wish school was like that every day.
    Albert, aged 8

  • The course inspired me to learn more about paradoxes in general and maths to A level in particular. I enjoyed the experience of working with people of my ability and learned skills in working with others, which will be useful to me in the future.
    Henry, aged 14

  • Our son had an exceptional day and really enjoyed himself. We couldn't fault it in any way - he loved it and wanted to go again!
    Mrs S

  • My daughter enjoyed it so much she said it was the best day of her life so far.
    Mr M

  • We did lots of things which I enjoy such as drama and poetry and I shall be working very hard in the hope I can go there again one day.
    George, aged 12

  • The class confirmed my idea of becoming a science teacher.
    Alistair, aged 11

  • My daughter had limited opportunities to mix with others at her level of ability whilst at secondary school. She is now at a top VIth Form College and adjusting to being amongst peers who are all high achievers. This would have been almost impossible for her without the experience of your courses.
    Mrs C

  • It was lovely to see how much our son had enjoyed the class. His reaction was so overwhelmingly positive - you have obviously tailored your class exceptionally well. Despite it being as long as a school day he was very keen to go back for more.
    Mrs W

  • Our daughter loves school and has a real love for learning but even we rarely hear her so animated about a topic. Clearly the teaching for the day was pitched at the level to inspire the pupils and the teachers should be congratulated for putting on such a well planned and stimulating course.
    Mrs D

  • This was a superb class. Our son had been excited for weeks before going to the class and we were concerned that the class might be an anticlimax but it was even better than he thought – he raved about it for days afterwards. Thank you very much – he will definitely come again.
    Mrs C

  • Always brilliant – he comes away inspired!
    Mrs R

  • I really enjoyed the masterclass, it was brilliant. It has inspired me to learn more about our changing weather conditions and take more of an interest in science and the world around us.
    Mohammed, aged 10

  • I think they are wonderful and am very grateful for the opportunity my daughter had to attend them – please keep going!
    Mrs D

  • The one thing the masterclass did for me was it made me realise that I’m not a freak. I actually made friends with loads of people and realised there are places where I fit in. I learnt that it is okay to want to learn about things; and it is okay to want a challenge and it’s okay to be me.
    Catherine, aged 16

  • Fun and I got a lot from learning about space and other life forms. But most importantly, it was nice to be with other kids like me and the cool thing is you are allowed to say what you want and no-one laughs at you.
    Alex, aged 10