Scale a Dragon


A long time ago in a land of wondrous tales, dragons roamed. Their fiery breath belched into the air. They had layers of scaly armour, piercing claws and wings stretched to infinity. They stirred a howling hurricane and battled for peace. Until one day the dragons and their power vanished silently, gone but for one message. A secret made by science and advanced by maths told how to re-create these mighty beasts. Can you rise to the dragons' challenge and discover the science of the dragon.

Start date: 10:00am, 5th Mar, 2017

End date: 2:30pm, 5th Mar, 2017

Location: South East / London

Masterclass year groups: 1, 2

Cost: £39.00

Masterclass leader: Tracey Martin

Bio: Tracey is a very popular masterclass leader. Tracey's psychology background has inspired her interest in accelerated learning, creative and higher order thinking. She teaches in London and has led masterclasses for gifted students in Maths, Science and Creative Writing all over England.

Venue: Camden School for Girls

Address: Sandall Road, Camden, London, NW5 2DB

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