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Tomorrow’s Achievers Educational Trust provides specialist day and residential masterclasses for gifted children in many parts of the country.

The courses cover a wealth of different topics - science, technology, maths, philosophy, literature and the arts - in ways which involve and challenge the most able students.

All courses can be booked and paid for online.

Future masterclasses

  • Astronaut for a Day

    We are planning a trip to Mars, join us to build rockets, a map of...

    Sat, 28th Nov 2015, Mid Midlands. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £25.00

  • Kitchen Chemistry

    Why is red wine red? Can you make a candle from a fish? Why don't...

    Sat, 28th Nov 2015, Mid Midlands. NCYG 5, 6, 7. Cost £25.00

  • Supermarket Science

    Modern Supermarkets are temples to science. The way the products are displayed on the shelves,...

    Sat, 28th Nov 2015, Walsall, Black Country. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £29.00

  • Blood, Poison and Blackmail

    Crime scenes are fascinating, for investigators. The smallest clue can catch the culprit. Learn how...

    Sat, 28th Nov 2015, Walsall, Black Country. NCYG 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Cost £29.00

  • Fantasy Worlds and Wonderful Creatures

    Do you enjoy stories about magical lands and strange places? Do you like fantasy creatures,...

    Sat, 28th Nov 2015, Walsall, Black Country. NCYG 1, 2. Cost £29.00

  • Fun with the Raspberry Pi Camera

    No ordinary computer, the Raspberry Pi has a camera. You will learn how to control...

    Sun, 29th Nov 2015, South East / London. NCYG 8, 9. Cost £38.00

  • Website In A Day!

    Have you ever wondered how the Internet works and where all that information is stored?...

    Sat, 5th Dec 2015, Bury St Edmunds, East Anglia. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £38.00

  • Bones and Stones

    Explore the world of Ice Age East Anglia. From verdant forests to chilly tundra, from...

    Sat, 5th Dec 2015, Bury St Edmunds, East Anglia. NCYG 5, 6. Cost £38.00

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Grant information

Tomorrow's Achievers provides grants to gifted children from low-income families to enable them to attend masterclasses free of charge.
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What children say...

  • It inspired me to try harder at challenging things because you really have to switch your brain on and make an effort. I don't have to try hard at school because it is so easy. For me, tricky equals fun.
    Amity, aged 7

  • In answer to question Inspired to learn more? 'Yes. I love science and would like to be a doctor when I grow up'.
    Elizabeth, aged 6

  • 'The most important thing I got out of it was learning more ways for insulating our home and saving energy in the house.'
    Isabella, aged 10

  • The most important aspect was I could ask as many questions as I wanted and I enjoyed making new friends.
    Oscar, aged 7