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Tomorrow’s Achievers Educational Trust provides specialist day and residential masterclasses for gifted children in many parts of the country.

The courses cover a wealth of different topics - science, technology, maths, philosophy, literature and the arts - in ways which involve and challenge the most able students.

All courses can be booked and paid for online.

Future masterclasses

  • Laser Creator

    Lasers are amazing. They use light to cut through just about anything. Join us in...

    Sat, 4th Oct 2014, Birmingham, West Midlands / Wales. NCYG 5, 6. Cost £38.00

  • Animal Hospital

    From Kittens to Kangaroos, Tortoises to Tigers, the life of a vet is infinitely varied....

    Sat, 4th Oct 2014, Birmingham, West Midlands / Wales. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £38.00

  • LEGO Robotics

    This workshop will teach you to make and control a LEGO robot. Using the most...

    Sun, 5th Oct 2014, Islington, South East / London. NCYG 4, 5, 6. Cost £45.00

  • Crackling Chemistry

    Chemical Reactions, Bunsen Burners, Bangs and Smells! An exciting day as we investigate the fun...

    Sat, 18th Oct 2014, Telford, Black Country. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £25.00

  • Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Geeeeeks & Tomorrow’s Beep Bop Programmers

    The mega-power of the mighty Playstation, the wonder of Wii and the web; instant text...

    Sat, 8th Nov 2014, South East / London. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £38.00

  • The Robot and the Dolphin Skin

    The future beckons. The clock ticks and a robot slowly stirs. A new challenge, but...

    Sat, 8th Nov 2014, South East / London. NCYG 5, 6. Cost £38.00

  • Disaster Zone Designer

    Battle and stretch your brains to design a sustainable building following a natural disaster. Working...

    Sat, 8th Nov 2014, Bury St Edmunds, East Anglia. NCYG 7, 8. Cost £38.00

  • Dragon's Den Junior

    Learn about the world's biggest inventions of the past centuries. Watch some clips of the...

    Sat, 8th Nov 2014, South East / London. NCYG 1, 2. Cost £38.00

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Grant information

Tomorrow's Achievers provides grants to gifted children from low-income families to enable them to attend masterclasses free of charge.
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What children say...

  • The most important thing I feel I got from going on the Masterclass was learning lots of new things about maths.
    Bethan, aged 10

  • It was interesting, fun, I liked the teacher and it inspired me to want to learn more.
    Alesia V, aged 11

  • What I most enjoyed was the teamwork and the general structure of the course. It was educational and interesting but also informal which made it much more enjoyable. Thank you for an amazing day!
    Georgia, aged 15

  • The teacher made it really fun and interesting. I have problems concentrating in school but the way the teacher ran the class made it more fun and practical, so I was able to learn more.
    Brad, aged 11