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Tomorrow’s Achievers Educational Trust provides specialist day and residential masterclasses for gifted children in many parts of the country.

The courses cover a wealth of different topics - science, technology, maths, philosophy, literature and the arts - in ways which involve and challenge the most able students.

All courses can be booked and paid for online.

Future masterclasses

  • Its Maths, but not what you're used to! Workshop #1

    Following on from recent successful events around the country, we are offering further masterclasses for...

    Sat, 12th Nov 2016, Bristol, Bristol. NCYG 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11. Cost £38.00

  • LEGO Robotics

    This workshop will teach you to make and control a LEGO robot. Using the most...

    Sun, 13th Nov 2016, Islington, South East / London. NCYG 4, 5, 6. Cost £45.00

  • Crumble Computer-Style

    Like Scratch? Then you will love Crumble. When you have learned how to use this...

    Sun, 20th Nov 2016, South East / London. NCYG 3, 4, 5. Cost £38.00

  • Dory the Mathematical Fish

    As deep as the sky Your colour is true Do you know why Dory the...

    Sun, 20th Nov 2016, South East / London. NCYG 1, 2. Cost £38.00

  • History of Film

    Have you ever wondered what it is like to create a superhero movie? Well now...

    Sat, 26th Nov 2016, Thetford, East Anglia. NCYG 5, 6. Cost £38.00

  • Dissection Perfection

    Have you ever wondered what the inside of a plant looks like? Slice open your...

    Sat, 26th Nov 2016, Thetford, East Anglia. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £38.00

  • Speed Coding

    Here's your opportunity to try several different programming languages in some short challenges using the...

    Sun, 27th Nov 2016, South East / London. NCYG 5, 6, 7, 8. Cost £38.00

  • Wonderland

    A story of long, lost beasts and towers in the clouds Now lost, destroyed and...

    Sun, 27th Nov 2016, South East / London. NCYG 3, 4. Cost £38.00

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Grant information

Tomorrow's Achievers provides grants to gifted children from low-income families to enable them to attend masterclasses free of charge.
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What children say...

  • It has inspired me to do more I.T and to learn more about computing. After this session I have learnt lots of interesting things and I now want to learn much more and will inspire me to have many more ideas.
    Alissia on Ten Fingers or Two: How Computers Count, 7th Feb 2016, aged 13

  • I enjoyed it because it made me think and challenged my brain. I want to become an architect because I love maths and construction. The masterclass intensified my will. Maths can be fun. Honest! 22nd Nov 2015
    George, aged 5

  • It inspired me to try harder at challenging things because you really have to switch your brain on and make an effort. I don't have to try hard at school because it is so easy. For me, tricky equals fun.
    Amity, aged 7

  • In answer to question Inspired to learn more? 'Yes. I love science and would like to be a doctor when I grow up'.
    Elizabeth, aged 6